Charles Forkey Jr., age 55, is the founder of the corporation. Charles Jr. worked as a specialty welder from 1977-1981 at Raymond Corporation. In 1981 he left Raymond Corporation as an employee to continue to work for Raymond Corporation as an independent contractor. This same year he started working at IBM, where he worked full time for 22 years. Charles always had his business, which he operated after his full time job, in his basement, later in a garage he built.

            From 1981-2001 while maintaining his position as an independent contractor to Raymond Corporation, Charles always had other projects as well. Grinding, welding, building steel hayracks for the farming industry, fire trucks and dump trucks were all a portion of the small business. Construction became part of the primarily welding/fabrication business; Charles offered complete site development and stick build homes to the homeowner from their blueprint, serving them a turn-key solution. Such dedication, hard work, and focus of offering any customer a complete solution had become the foundation of the business and established a solid name and trust with customers, knowing Charles would do whatever it takes to do the job right and have it done on time, even if that meant working days on end with little to no sleep.

            In 2001 the business was incorporated and employees were hired. From 2001-2003 the primarily welding operation was expanding to offer customers a competed part by Forkey’s. Saw cutting, machining and paint were now added to the business. Three buildings were now being used for the operation.

            Charles Forkey III, age 30; son of Charles Jr. became a full time part of the business in 2002 after graduating high school. Charles III trained in CNC machining at BOCES during high school that coupled with “on the job” education he received from his father has made him an integral part of the business today. As of 2006 Charles Jr. and Charles III are the two stockholders of the corporation and operate the business together. Charles III enjoys learning from his father as they work together each day and continue to grow their business.

            October 2003, the corporation purchased a large manufacturing building located in Lapeer to consolidate all three building into one. By December 2003 the business was re-located; Charles Jr. and Charles III have since grown the business together from 6 employees in 2003 to 83 currently. Establishing a solid customer and employee base the business now offers many other operations and processes to their customers. The company operated two full time shifts to meet customer demands. 

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